What Actually Happened

😯 *jrebbb*

*tarik selimut, guling-guling di kasur*

yawn.. ~_~


*picture taken from PhD Comics


6 thoughts on “What Actually Happened

  1. You have some life there compare to mine where I spent 3 1/2 months of my life (and still ongoin) watching an Anime series, waiting for numerous video to download on youtube and watch them and read other YouTubers’ half-a-year and above comments and posting comments on my own . . .. .:)

    Btw, I saw your English translation of InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen’s Kimi Ga Inai Mirai, I came back here because I’m searching for an English translation of With You.. . .. .

  2. Oww, do you mean the song translation on Coffee Break, my another blog? Coz I never put any translation here :).

    I didn’t translate that song by myself. As I mentioned at the bottom of that post,I took that translation from Quartet4. Actually, there’re many japanese song translations on that site, and they update it regularly. Perhaps, you might find the translation of “With You” there πŸ˜€

  3. damn true…

    *ngidem Satch*

    eh, nggak ding. jagad saya nggak ilmiah, nggak thesis, nggak nge-parer 😐

  4. ^
    Ah, baru kejadian weekend kemarin. Soal niat jogging. Alarmnya udah nyala jam 5.. trus dimatiin.. nyala lagi.. matiin lagi.. bangun-bangun matahari sudah naik πŸ˜†

    Gagal lagi deh joggingnya 😦

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