Play Like God


“create”?!! 😮

Err.. well actually, you just inserted the gene from different species into the chicken embrio (which’s the result of normal fertilization), thus grown that transgenic creature under natural condition. It means “develop”, not “create”, isn’t it? 🙄

*beda aliran*

*lagi sensi*

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4 thoughts on “Play Like God

  1. It means “develop”, not “create”, isn’t it? 🙄

    Yes, it is. ^^
    I do experienced that wrong choice of word can cause misunderstanding.

  2. Interesting! Oxford Dictionaries define “create” means to “bring (something) into existence”. I suppose the thing brought into existence did not exist beforehand. So, is it right to assume that nobody can create anything? What we, humans, invent or engineer is merely a result of thorough study, inspired from existing objects, be them chickens or literatures. Therefore, apparently there is no fact or proof that we cannot create anything, as everything is merely a product of derivation. It seems to me that only a creature beyond our logic can, rather magically, “create” something out of nothingness, and as per theistic definition, only the entity called “God” can act as a sole creator.

    Suddenly the word “create” sounds so supernatural and enigmatic to me.

  3. Erratum:

    Oxford Dictionaries define “create” means

    should have been

    Oxford Dictionaries define “create” as

    My OCD potential doesn’t seem to be helpful. *sigh*

  4. Yup. Human “discovered” which has already exist, thus “described” or “modified/derived” it into derivative products. Meaning, none of them were “new” 😕

    Even God did not create the universe instantaneously. If we refer to scientific discoveries in recent decades, it assumed that God created the material basis “building blocks” that made up every form of life. While, natural selection would lead life to the (un)certain direction. So what is the role of God? Is God just looking from above what is being done by His/Her/Their/Its creatures 😕

    However, it is still the biggest mystery of life 😆

    BTW, “create” is rarely found in scientific journals. AFAIK, that word is commonly used in popular science articles, perhaps to attract people attention 🙄

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